2022 Industry-Leading Speakers Included

Caleph Wilson

Business Development Manager

Axion BioSystems

Carolyn Edwards

Director, Research Programs

Achilles Therapeutics

Hadar H Adams

Principal Scientist

Atara Biotherapeutics

Joseph Lee

Senior Director, Product Sciences

Affini-T Therapeutics

Zhu Pirot

CGT Analytical Lead


Ilya Shestopalov

Senior Director, Analytical Development

Bluebird Bio

Katherine Matsuda


Bristol Myers Squibb

Sean Madsen

Senior Scientist, Cell Therapy Analytical Development

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Cheryl Cox

Operations Director, Cell Therapy

Moffitt Cancer Center

Mariska Ter Haak

Director, Analytical Development

IN8 Bio

Damien Fink

Director, Analytical Development

Century Therapeutics

Chien-Chung Chen

Director, Analytical Development

Cabaletta Bio

Yan Gu

Associate Director, CMC, Analytical Development, Cell Therapy


Michael Sadick

Senior Director, CMC Analytical Development

Precision Biosciences

Sunil Tomar

Scientist II, Analytical Development

Poseida Therapeutics

Greta Garrido

Associate Director

Nurix Therapeutics

Lena Vasserman

Associate Director, Analytical Development

Turnstone Bio

Donna Rill

Chief Technology Officer

Triumvira Immunologics

Bo Yan

Associate Director, Analytical Sciences

Beam Therapeutics

Carl Simon


National Institute of Standards & Technology

Yama Abassi

Head of Strategic Marketing and Business & Applications Development

Agilent Technologies

Max Tejada

Executive Director, Head of Analytical Development

Kite Pharma

Colin Thalhofer

Senior Research Scientist

AgonOx Inc

Mei Cong

Research Director

Promega Corporation