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Welcome to the 2nd Cell Therapy Potency Assay Summit

Potency assays continue to be one of the greatest uncertainties for cell therapy developers. With unclear standards for licensing, a high-water mark in the critical mass of cell therapy products moving through phase development, and industry-wide challenges in linking the mechanism of action to potency assays in a rigorous scientific way, there has never been more acute focus on optimizing potency assay development strategies.

That's why the 2nd Cell Therapy Potency Assay is back this year to unite you with the industry's leaders to collaborate and share ideas!

“Great forum for educating on the latest approaches, further defining the role that potency impacts process optimization and manufacturing control.”

Director - Product Management & Marketing, XCell Bioscineces - 2022 Attendee

6 Reasons to Join:


Unite with the
industry to define
potency and
its success


Smooth the pathway
for regulatory approval,
ensuring clarity when implementing guidelines to practice


Align considerations for potency assays across the varying process development department to allow for synergy when determining potency


Discuss how success is being benchmarked across the industry when searching for potency in a cell product


Share ideas for a smooth running of potency assays between departments to ensure unison across process development


Strive to create a
reproducible, validation
and regulatory approved
potency assay